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Mark of the Ninja owners get a discount on Invisible Inc.

Invisible Inc launches today, and anyone with the game in their Steam library can get developer Klei Entertainment's turn-based stealth game at a 20 percent discount.

"We also wanted to say thank you to all the players who supported our previous stealth title, Mark of the Ninja," the developer told Polygon in an email. "All players who have Mark of the Ninja in their Steam library will get 20 percent off Invisible Inc for two weeks after launch."

The Steam version is available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Last month, Klei revealed that a PlayStation 4 version is in development.

Press play above to watch the launch trailer for Invisible Inc. Below, you can watch us play through a bit of Invisible Inc, which was among the games nominated for the Independent Games Festival's highest honor at GDC 2015. Our tour of Invisible Inc begins at the 22 minute mark.

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