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See Avengers: Age of Ultron's movie magic broken down

[Update: Video removed at artist's request]

How did Marvel Studios create its movie magic for blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron? With a little help from its friends over at Method Studios.

The visual effects group broke down some of its special effects in a detailed post and video, which you can watch above. According to the post, the film took teams in Vancouver, L.A. and London working on 314 shots over the course of three months.

In talking about Scarlet Witch's powers, for example, Method details the CG mind control effect used throughout the movie.

"The ethereal effect, originally developed by Trixter, was designed to emulate the look from the original comic book source material," the post reads. "To put the effect into action, Method completed a precise matchmove on actress Elizabeth Olsen, focusing on her hand, arm, and face, in order to accurately track and emit particles. The effect was driven by particle and fluid simulations to convey the energy being released when unleashing her mind control power."

Check out the full post over at Method for more on how it all came together.

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