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The Xbox 360 reveal, from 10 years ago today, is a relic from another age

Microsoft officially unveiled the Xbox 360 not at E3 or an event of its own, but in a 22-minute television special, "MTV Presents Xbox: The Next Generation Revealed," that aired on MTV on May 12, 2005 — exactly 10 years ago today.

That probably says a lot about just how different the video game industry — and its marketing — was back then. But it's worth taking a look back at the TV special below to see how painfully 2005 it is.

Here's an incomplete list we've compiled for you.

Elijah Wood as the host. The phrase "digital revolution." The Killers. A live performance by The Killers of "Mr. Brightside," overlaid with computer graphics. Lil' Jon, unabashedly "looking forward to getting a free [Xbox 360] tonight." Elijah Wood and Lil' Jon making shadow puppets in front of Xbox 360 artwork. MTV News correspondent Sway. Sway introducing two gentlemen from MTV's Pimp My Ride. Sway interviewing Xbox 360 executive producer J Allard. Three individuals Wood describes as "uber gamers." Ryan Cabrera. Brief snippets of trailers from upcoming Xbox 360 games including "Saint's Row" [sic]. Wilmer Valderrama. Omarion. A closing performance by The Killers of "Smile Like You Mean It," sans technical wizardry.

Oh, and a word cloud to describe the Xbox 360: "always connected, always hi def, always personalized, interconnectivity, personal experience, global community."

Still, as easy as it might be to poke fun at this relic of the standard-definition age, it's impossible to say that Microsoft and the Xbox 360 failed to accomplish the objectives in that word cloud. It seems the nine and a half years since the console's launch on Nov. 22, 2005, have been a "digital revolution," indeed.

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