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Nintendo: It is imperative you get Jenny Lewis to open the Nintendo World Championships

The Nintendo World Championships was a series of qualifying events that culminated in an event at Universal Studios Hollywood. The event was even used as the climax of the Nintendo commercial / cult favorite movie The Wizard, where Fred Savage takes his younger brother to California while learning that the young man is a video game savant.

You can watch the trailer here, in case you have forgotten about this triumph of cinema.

You may notice that Nintendo took this opportunity to introduce the world to the Power Glove in one of the most overwrought scenes imaginable, but once you get past that you'll also see Jenny Lewis, who was then a young actress who also starred in a Corn Pops commercial.

This all comes together, I promise. Stick with me. Jenny Lewis later went on to a career in music, where she fronted the badass band Rilo Kiley.

And one more, because I rarely get an excuse to embed Rilo Kiley videos on the site.

Rilo Kiley was pretty great, but Jenny Lewis has since gone on to an equally high-quality solo career. Not coincidentally, Nintendo has announced that it's bringing the Nintendo World Championship back at E3 this year.

Listen, Reggie, I'm not sure who makes these decisions, but getting Fred Savage to make an appearance is just a cheap stunt. Don't take the easy way out and play on our nostalgia like that. You gotta get Lewis to blow the doors off the place before the video games begin. That's the only way this event will truly bring everything full circle, Power Glove or no.

You have the power to make this happen. I believe in you.