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Drift is a VR assassination 'simulator' that casts you as the bullet

Each round of the Gear VR game Drift begins the same way. First a bullet is fired from a gun, and then your view becomes that bullet's path. You look left, and you go left. Look right, and go right. You explore each environment until you find the green individual and hit them, causing their death. Each round leaves a red trail so you can see your past attempts as you learn from your failures.

The graphics are made up of different hues of orange, and the "characters" are blocky models in interesting poses. You're operating in a world that seems to exist outside of both reality and time, and this makes the disturbing nature of your mission a bit easier to take. It's a slow, balletic take on the work of a Hitman who has a preternatural control of each shot.

The game was created by two individuals for Oculus' Mobile VR Jam, and it's a deliberate, relentlessly paced meditation on murder. You take over bullet after bullet until you find the "right" person to kill.

"For now we have a ton of ideas to improve the game and make a more complete and challenging experience but we will wait a few weeks before implementing anything," one of the game's developers, Ferdinand Dervieux, told Polygon. "For example we want to build a real scenario and create new environments with more variety in themes and colors. We think of asking the player to achieve more challenging quest than just hitting one target per level."

Drift could also be coming to other platforms.

"The game has been made specifically for Gear VR but we are really thinking of making a PC version for Oculus Rift and get rid of some mobile constraints (texture quality, antialiasing, image effects and game build final size)," he explained. "We also talked about a mobile version (no VR) but in my opinion considering a PC or console version would result in a completely different game. We made Drift on unity3d so almost any door stays open, including upcoming VR headset."

Drift is a game that would be interesting on a screen, but comes to life in virtual reality as you very literally become an instrument of death. You can download the four-level game right now, for free.

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