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Konami tried to suppress a critical YouTube video over 27 seconds of game footage

We reported on Konami's attempt to remove a video that discussed the company's history with Hideo Kojima from YouTube, and the game publisher declined to comment on the story. We also spoke to a lawyer who said, in no uncertain terms, that Konami had no legal cause to have the video removed.

According to an update to that original video, Konami tried to have the video removed due to the use of around 27 seconds of Metal Gear Rising footage. The claim came from a Japanese lawyer "who was a high-ranking Konami executive."

The claim was ultimately denied, and YouTube actually sent Konami an e-mail explaining fair use, just in case this situation wasn't surreal enough.

konami e-mail

The good news, as the video points out, is that YouTube stepped in and stood up for the rights of the content creator, in this case Super Bunnyhop. Let's hope that trend continues.

Just in case you want to see the video that spawned all this, it's embedded below.

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