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New Supergirl trailer is the one with all the action

Were you worried that a TV show about a person with Superman's powers wouldn't have punching or explosions in it, because the first trailer only had, like, a few punches and explosions in it? Worry no more.

This new promo for the upcoming show (uploaded by a YouTube channel with only one video, so watch it now in case it gets pulled) is full of the action, special effects work and bombastic music usually associated with superhero adaptations.

Plus laser vision, women supporting women and Calista Flockhart still being the bossest secondary character on the show so far.

Supergirl will hit CBS airwaves on Mondays this November, taking over a timeslot previously held by The Big Bang Theory.

Update: Blink and you'll miss it, it seems Warner Bros. Television has caught up with this trailer, which featured stuff like Supergirl's blue laser vision, plenty of shots of a knock-down fight between her and another super-strong opponent and, that most classic of hero poses, our heroine silhouetted against the blast of a huge explosion.

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