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Divinity: Original Sin's creator hints at two secret projects and the future of RPGs

Larian Studios announced today that it is doing a new Enhanced Edition of its popular Divinity: Original Sin. But that's not the only project the studio has been working on since its popular role-playing game released last summer.

In a conversation with Polygon, Larian founder and creative director Swen Vincke revealed that Original Sin Enhanced Edition is only one of three projects that the developer is currently creating.

"We also have two other secret projects going on," he said. "We've been pretty open about the fact that those are big RPGs. They'll be turn-based RPGs."

Though Larian is sticking with the turn-based RPG format, Vincke says the success of Divinity: Original Sin is allowing the developer to take risks it otherwise couldn't have.

"We're doing new things," he said. "Original Sin made you think of an old-school game, but it also had a lot of new things in it. I think that's what made it work right. We're expanding on that. Our success has allowed us to experiment more than we could have otherwise, and that's led to a couple of cool things that we never could have done."

Vincke wasn't ready to provide any specifics yet, but he said that Larian may have something new to show in time for Gamescom, which takes place Aug 5-9 in Cologne, Germany. And he doesn't think it will be the only developer with new RPGs to show.

"When we originally started on Divinity: Original Sin, we pitched publishers, and they refused," Vincke said. "They couldn't see who was going to be interested in playing this type of game. As it turns out, nearly a million people at this point.

"Now they understand, and I guess there's actually quite a lot of RPGs in production in secret now everywhere. Now they know there's a market for it. It's a cool thing. It's going to make us get better RPGs in the future."

Vincke said that "the biggest publishers" were pitching Larian Studios in an attempt to publish the console version of Divinity: Original Sin. Eventually, the studio decided to work with Focus Home Interactive, a smaller publisher they had previous experience with. Vincke declined to comment on whether or not Larian might be working with a bigger publisher on one of those other secret projects.

For more on Divinity: Original Sin, read Polygon's review of the game or check out the video below for a look at one of its wild boss battles.

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