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The NES was once built into a TV, and it was weird

I actually stumbled on one of these units at a local arcade in Ohio, and was confused until I was able to look up exactly what it was. The combination of television and NES system was expensive for the market even during its first run, and it continues to be expensive on the collector's market.

The picture quality is good, the TV's remote control can turn the NES on and the coloring on the controllers is different, but that's pretty much the only reason to want to buy one of these tall monstrosities. The fact there had to be "feet" on the hardware to keep it from toppling over should have been a hint that it was more of an interesting idea than a product the market was actually asking for.

Heck, it even looks like a little squid-thing when you see the whole unit, complete with those little plastic feet. This is a fun look at a piece of gaming history.