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Here's how to track down Destiny's new Queen's Wrath bounties — and their rewards

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Destiny's 1.2 update, which launched earlier today, brought the return of the Queen's Wrath faction to the Tower social hub. However, the bounties offered are a new type, which task you with hunting down Fallen foes that spawn in various locations across the galaxy. If you can find and defeat them, you'll have 90 seconds to track down the treasure chest that drops as a reward. After you finish the bounty, you can keep hunting those Fallen targets for more chests, and more chances of picking up rare House of Wolves loot before the expansion drops on May 19.

Check out the guide video posted above to see what these new bounties look like, and how to effectively find your fleeting treasure before it disappears. Check out our video guide below for more tips on how to prepare your Destiny characters for the arrival of House of Wolves.

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