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Rockstar Editor nails the little details to pull off one of Breaking Bad's greatest scenes

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

This post is essentially one long spoiler for one of Breaking Bad's most famous sequences. It assumes the reader has seen the original and is current with the entire series.

The Rockstar Editor in Grand Theft Auto 5 has delivered many great videos since its introduction with the PC edition launch last month, but this is something special: A close-as-it-can-get remake of the showdown between Hank Schrader and the relentless Salamanca Cousins from Breaking Bad's season three episode "One Minute."

The video is the work of Adam Pinkman (very appropriate last name) who acknowledges some difficulty with two of the shots "but I managed to make them somehow." Obviously, there's not a great player model out there to represent the bald and barrel-chested Hank, and the cousins lack some of their visual menace, but the whole thing works very well.

"One Minute" was a masterpiece of editing and composition, so recreating all of its tiny details — the dashboard clock (3:07, just like the show), the black bullet, the axe dropped to the pavement — had to have posed a serious challenge.

Breaking Bad-o-philes may also want to check out Pinkman's homage to the scene where Jesse douses Walt's living room with gasoline but doesn't torch it, from "Confessions" in the show's fifth and final season. It's below.

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