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That wizard came from the moon, and he quietly returned to Destiny

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

It appears that Bungie stealth-restored Destiny's most notorious line — "That wizard came from the moon" — and not only that, did it about 5 months ago.

You can hear the line in the video above, uploaded yesterday. Some are only noticing it now because it occurs very early in the game's main story and the player's Ghost doesn't always utter it.

Backtrack: Peter Dinklage, voice of the player's Ghost companion, deadpanned the line during Destiny's alpha last summer. As the dialogue lacked the editing and voice transformation that made Dinklage's voice more believably robotic, many thought it was bad acting or a mailed-in performance. Bungie took it all in stride, selling a T-shirt off the meme but killing the line from the beta that following July (and the final version that launched in September).

According to this post in the game's Reddit community, however, the dialogue returned sometime around the version 1.1 update, way back in December.

For comparison purposes, here's what the original sounded like, followed by the later edit.

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