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First gameplay from Oxenfree, 2015's coolest-looking adventure game

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A few months ago during this year's GDC, a reveal trailer emerged for a game called Oxenfree, a mysterious new adventure game from an also-new indie developer named Night School Studio, a small LA-based team a formed out of talent from places like Disney and Telltale Games. When Polygon spoke to the developers last March, the concept sounded ambitious: an open adventure game with no dedicated cutscenes, where instead the player can choose to walk away — or stop talking altogether — in any conversation at any time.

Earlier this month, we got the chance to see Oxenfree in motion for the first time, and sure enough, it appears to make good on that promise. Above, watch almost 13 minutes of our hands-off demo of Oxenfree, showing the teens' first night on the island right up to their first encounter with the supernatural.

For more on Oxenfree, check out Polygon's interview with Night School's founding members, cousins Sean Krankel and Adam Hines.

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