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If indies promoted games like the AAA industry...

The world of AAA promotion has gotten a bit silly, with countdowns to the announcements of teaser for trailers that will be shown at E3. The hype cycle has a cycle.

But what would it look like if an indie game were given a AAA-style teaser? Vlambeer's Rami Ismail edited together a trailer to find out.

"Inspired by making a trailer announcing a trailer announcing a trailer, I decided to see if I could achieve a similarly marvellous effect for Nuclear Throne," he wrote on the video's description.

Yep, it's as silly, and kind of wonderful, as it sounds.

Ismail left out many important facts though; which statue is going to come with the collector's edition? What unique item will I get for pre-ordering through whatever retailer they've picked? And for the love of gosh, how much will we pay for the season pass so we can get the content that hasn't been announced at a discount?

We may never know what prompted this satirical trailer.

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