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Cities: Skylines update adds tunnels and more for free but will break some mods

Cities: Skylines patch 1.1.0 is live, bringing one of the most requested features to the simulation game, though the transition will break some mods, according to publisher Paradox Interactive.

Here's what's included in the update for developer Colossal Order's SimCity-like game, according to a post in Paradox's forums:

  • Over 50 European-style buildings
  • Wall-to-wall buildings enabling players to build those European streets and neighborhoods
  • Three new starter maps
  • Tunnels, one of the community’s most requested features
  • A number of Asset Editor additions including the ability to import custom vehicles
  • A multitude of smaller cosmetic additions and bug fixes

Paradox also made clear that the 1.1.0—European Theme update will break some mods, though the post says the publisher has "worked hard to cause as few conflicts as possible with popular mods, yet this is a substantial update and with the code and functionality changes some issues have been impossible to avoid.

"Going forward we aim to find a solution where we can work with our core modders pre-launch to give them ample time to adjust their creations before the public have access."

Paradox's plans for the Linux, Mac and Windows PC game include a mixture of free and paid updates for Cities: Skylines.

"Going forward, we will focus on giving away the main features for free and improving the modding tools, while also selling major expansions around new mechanics," the post reads. "But we will also continue to offer free content such as new buildings and road types."

Press play below to watch us play Cities: Skylines, which hit the million sales mark recently.

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