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Hearthstone: how to play a dragon paladin deck

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We're going to be waiting for the next add-on for Hearthstone for a while, but we still love playing it and making videos about it. So while we wait for shiny new cards, we decided to pass the time by making some videos showing off some of the most popular or interesting decks being used in the game right now.

First up: the dragon paladin. In the Blackrock Mountain add-on, paladins got the new "Dragon Consort" card, making them the obvious choice for dragon-heavy decks. This combination hasn't taken off as much as some people expected, but we've been loving it.

Watch the video above to see the make-up of our deck, get some tips on what to do and maybe even see us win a few games. Also please ignore the missed lethal at 15 minutes. I AM VERY EMBARRASSED.

Is there another popular deck you'd like to see us cover in a video? Leave a comment below letting us know which deck, and we'll look into it!

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