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Bloodborne's community manufactures insanity, like this crazy boss fight

The best part about developer From Software's Bloodborne, and the Souls series, might be the experimental communities that form around them, as this video from YouTube user legendsofevil shows.

Spoiler alert: This article assumes you've played Bloodborne's first few hours. If you haven't and don't want to know the names of a few bosses and characters, turn back now.

Games like the PlayStation 4-exclusive Bloodborne are designed to be obscure, and that's part of what makes them so interesting. None but the developers know all the secrets, and the months after a game's release are filled with a community of players experimenting and sharing the secrets that they learn.

The video above shows the kind of insanity that can result when you poke Bloodborne's box. Here's what happened, as best we can tell.

Bloodborne players can use an item to bring up to two other players into their game as allies. That's what legendsofevil did early in the game, bringing the total fighters to three. That would be unremarkable, save for what happened next.

Legendsofevil attacked a non-playable character, Eileen the Crow, which turned her hostile and into an adversary. Now we're up to four characters.

Then, at some point, legendsofevil summoned Father Gascoigne, who is actually an early game boss, as an ally. Five now.

Then legendsofevil took the whole party onto a bridge to fight one of the game's earliest bosses, the Cleric Beast. There's six.

Press play above to see a crazy fight unfold between a boss, a hostile NPC, three real-life players and a friendly NPC. It's a creative way to take what Bloodborne offers and crank it up to 11. It's wild, but that's what From Software's community does.

For more on Bloodborne, you can read Polygon's review. If you're looking for help, you can browse our guide, which is filled with tips, tricks and tutorials. If you want to watch more Bloodborne, you can watch Polygon play through the entire game or take a briefer tour in the Overview video below.

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