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The Polybius Conspiracy wants to explore a legendary alien mind-controlling arcade game

The legend of Polybius has been around in gaming circles for years, and the idea of a game that was placed in arcades as a secret way to control behavior or run psychological experiments scratches just about every itch for a conspiracy theory with legs.

The Polybius Conspiracy is a Kickstarter campaign to fund the completion of a documentary that explores the myth.

"Some believe Polybius was a product of the CIA's controversial MK-Ultra program, an experiment in mind control targeting youth," the campaign states. "Others believe it may have had extraterrestrial origins. And though the game's mysteries are vast — theories range from men in black to imported Nazi science, to a recalled Tempest prototype — no one has ever been able to confirm the cabinet's existence."

The team has already conducted a year's worth of interviews and the footage shared in the Kickstarter video looks beautiful. They're asking for $100,000 to finish the documentary.

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