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The new terror of P.T., as explained by Mega64

We're all dealing with the loss of Silent Hills and its brilliant teaser, P.T., a little differently. Some of us pen thoughtful epitaphs in its absence, while others turn to eBay and outlandish prices for the chance to play it again. And then there's Mega64, coming in hot with a video parody that wraps up the entire kerfuffle nicely.

The video mimics wandering the looping hallway of P.T. while background radios dish out the latest Konami news. A P.T. player realizes that he should sell his PlayStation with the demo before the craze dies down, but things don't quite go as planned.

Check it out in the video above. Konami and Hideo Kojima's relationship is coming to a close, but Konami still has big plans for the future ... in the form of mobile.