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Witcher 3 team on downgrade accusations: 'Maybe we shouldn't have shown that trailer'

Despite garnering almost universal praise, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been catching some heat about the PC version and whether it was downgraded since its initial 2013 trailer.

The game was graphically downgraded on PC, members of the company tell Eurogamer. But that original video wasn't all smoke and mirrors, it was captured PC footage, it just showed a game that it turned out the developers couldn't deliver.

"Maybe it was our bad decision to change the rendering system," company co-founder Marcin Iwinski told Eurogamer, "because the rendering system after VGX was changed."

It turns out that the one used to create the video for the VGX show couldn't deliver the same look across the entire world both in the day and at night.

"Maybe we shouldn't have shown that [trailer], I don't know, but we didn't know that it wasn't going to work, so it's not a lie or a bad will — that's why we didn't comment actively," Iwinski said. "We don't agree there is a downgrade but it's our opinion, and gamers' feeling can be different. If they made their purchasing decision based on the 2013 materials, I'm deeply sorry for that, and we are discussing how we can make it up to them because that's not fair.

"It's very important to stress: we are continuously working on the PC version, and we will be adding a lot of stuff, and there is more to come. We've proven it in the past that we support our games and we will be looking at the feedback and trying to make it better."

The Eurogamer article adds that a massive PC patch is planned for the game, which will fix a slew of issues and deliver much more control in terms of settings to the player. You can read the full article right here.

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