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You look stupid while playing Sony's London Heist, but you won't care

The London Heist demo is one of the best pieces of content Sony shows with the PlayStation 4-driven Project Morpheus virtual reality headset, and the software makes excellent use of the PlayStation Camera and Move controllers to allow you to aim naturally while taking cover.

The walking issue is taken away by having the player hiding behind, and shooting back from, a wooden desk. You have full control over your body and arms, and you're given the feeling of being inside an action film. It's a great demo, and it's worth waiting in line if you're ever at an event and are given the chance to try it.

The problem is that we've not seen much video of the content itself, nor have we seen what it looks like when someone is playing, from both inside and outside the experience. This video from Brian Hart gives us a good look at the screen while he's playing so we can see what he sees, while also being able to watch his body movements. It's a revealing look at just how well Sony is handling control in virtual reality.

Pay attention to how his body and arms work together. He's able to duck down behind the desk while blind-firing over it to keep the enemies pinned down, and shooting through the little windows on the desk to stay behind cover. London Heist is a wonderful demo for showing how one can use their body and natural movement as gameplay, and this is one of our best looks at how well it all works in practice.

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