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This six-minute montage of David Letterman highlights will make you smile

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David Letterman ended his 33-year television career in style last night, closing out Late Show with David Letterman by taking a look back at some classic bitsthanking everyone who made the show possible and bringing back some beloved guests.

That included the Foo Fighters, a rock band that has long had a special relationship with Letterman. After the legendary late-night host had quintuple bypass surgery in January 2000, he asked the Foo Fighters to play "Everlong," which he described as a song that was "special to me" and had been "meaningful through my heart recovery," on his first show back. The group was in the middle of a tour in South America, but canceled it to play Letterman.

Last night, the Foo Fighters closed the Late Show's series finale with an extended performance of "Everlong." A montage of photos and clips from Letterman's career played over the six-minute performance, encompassing Late Night with David Letterman, which ran on NBC from 1982 to 1993, and then Late Show on CBS.

With Letterman's retirement yesterday, a new host, Stephen Colbert, will take over Late Show starting Sept. 8. For more on Letterman, check out our own remembrance of some great moments from his career.