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Remember when your grandfather fed you Byrgenwerthers Original from his gaping carapace?

This commercial really takes me back. I remember sitting with my grandfather in his study, poring over his books and learning about arcane mysteries.

He would often give me one or two Byrgenwerthers Originals when I was able to successfully learn the dark tongue, chanting the hideous rhymes that still tumble around my fevered imagination to this day.

I remember his study used to smell like his pipe as well as the burnt blood of his offerings, and he used to help me fix my bike. "Human thought is an imperfect vessel," he would tell me with a smile. "Only by the blood will they learn, and only by the knife shall we teach them. Now go play!"

I miss Grandpa, but when I look back on his shrieking visage as the shadows drove him from his last comforts I know that he taught me everything he could, and he left this plane doing exactly what he loved: helping his family, and stretching the very bounds of human understanding.

It's funny how a simple commercial can unlock so many memories.

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