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There's a new secret area in Destiny that only the best players will ever visit

Spoilers for Destiny's Trials of Osiris mode ahead!

Earlier today, Destiny's new player vs. player mode, the Trials of Osiris, opened its gates to owners of the new House of Wolves DLC. The new mode grants rewards based on how many wins players can rack up before suffering three losses — at which point their ticket to the event can be exchanged for different reward tiers.

But what happens if you rack up nine wins (the current maximum) without a single loss? You achieve the highest street cred Destiny has to offer: Access to The Lighthouse, a new social hub that is only open to players who achieve a flawless 9-0 victory. In the video below, you can see YouTube user (and remarkably talented Destiny player, we assume) MrJonathannovak1 reach the area with a perfect card, and reap some sweet rewards in the process.

For more on what House of Wolves adds to Destinycheck out our Overview video, which covers the game's new story missions and Prison of Elders arena mode.

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