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Body parts intact or not, Jason refuses to die in this Mortal Kombat X glitch

Huh, so here's a weird Mortal Kombat X glitch for you. Friday the 13th's Jason, true to his nightmare legacy, can survive getting half of his body ripped off or even having his head removed entirely.

According to YouTube user YVX1222, it only works with "Jason's Unstoppable Variation, while in Test Your Luck or Kustom Kombat using the Brutality Kombat Modifier." In Unstoppable mode, this usually means that whenever Jason is knocked down for the second time, he'll be revived based on how much energy he has in his power meter. Most reports suggest that this glitch will only work with the two brutalities demonstrated above.

In the video above, Jason gets knocked down by vicious brutalities, aaaaand then gets right back up minus some key bits. You've got good spirit, kid.

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