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Man says Wii burned him out of his home

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

A Colorado man who lives in his RV says his Wii burned it and everything he owns. That's a picture of it, above, after the blaze.

Insurance adjusters will use an X-ray to examine the console to determine if it was actually the source of the fire, but the victim, Trevor Pellegrin, says fire investigators told him they're "99 perent sure" the console was the cause. A fire department spokesperson told KKTV-TV of Colorado Springs that "all other possible sources of ignition have been ruled out."

How it happened seems frighteningly spontaneous. Pellegrin told KKTV that he'd been using the Wii to watch Netflix and then he turned it off, leaving the vehicle to go to a meeting. He returned to discover his camper was on fire. It appears something sparked or overheated, igniting fabric on a nearby cushion, causing the blaze.

That's it. The console was evidently powered down, but left plugged in, just like zillions of others in use around the nation.

"I was coming back from a meeting and a I got a phone call from my neighbor that my camper was on fire. ... I was crying, I was screaming, I was still trying to get my things out of there," Pellegrin told KKTV.

While the failure may have been aggravated by circumstances specific to Pellegrin's home, consoles of the current generation draw even more power in their resting states than the Wii, allowing them to download updates in the background and respond to voice commands to power on. Conservation advocates have criticized consoles' increased power usage.