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Gauntlet reboot's creator promises free overhaul with 'brand new mode'

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The studio behind Gauntlet's reboot is promising big changes, but the news is more why they're promising big changes. Basically, they themselves aren't happy with the game they released in September.

"In truth, we were never fully satisfied with how Gauntlet turned out," Emil Englund, the game's director, wrote on Arrowhead Game Studios' site. "So, rather than just fixing little things here and there, we have been working on the core of the game to turn it into what we originally envisioned."

For those who bought the game, fear not — the improvements will come in the form of "a free major content update for the game," which include "a brand new game mode," as well as improvements to the game's campaign and Colosseum mode.

"I can't tell you too much right now, but if you keep watching this space we will be releasing little teasers and tidbits of information over the next few months," Englund wrote yesterday.

Gauntlet launched Sept. 23 for Windows PC; reviews were moderately positive if not entirely praising, indicating the game either hadn't aged well since its debut 30 years ago or Arrowhead didn't do enough to make it compelling in modern day. For more on Gauntlet's 2014 reboot, see the overview video below.