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Your favorite Game of Thrones characters react to terrible things (spoilers)

It can be fun to chop up the latest Game of Thrones episodes into the most shocking or surprising moments, but this week we thought we'd take another path: This is how the characters react to the awful things happening around them.

We have some in-depth thoughts on the episode as well, if you're interested.

We've known Sansa is in a terrible situation since last episode, but when her call for help is intercepted and her one friend on the inside is flayed alive, the real horror of where she is begins to sink in.

sansa reacts

On a very different note? This is the moment even the characters on the show roll their eyes at the nudity that doesn't do much to help the story along.

eye roll

Help me out here, did anyone else expect the fighting pits to be a bit ... grander? This was a small scale scene, but Daenerys didn't try to hide her feelings about the violence in front of her.


That being said, watching Cersei feeling smug about Margaery's misery at being locked up was a bit hard to take...

cersei smirk

Until a scene later when she began to realize she was headed for the same fate. The double-take when Lancel walked into the room was amazing.

cersei no