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You have to see what you're playing: Why the camera is so important in games

Most of us don't notice the "camera" in a game until it does something badly. Once the action is obscured or we wrestle with an objective because we can barely see it, the movement of the camera takes center stage. It's almost always a horrible thing.

Ideally the camera should be all but invisible, allowing the scene to be shown to its fullest while helping us feel whatever the heck the game would like us to feel at that moment.

This is a great video that explains the use of color and camera movement in a few well-known games, and it does a good job of explaining what makes a good camera movement and what makes a boring camera movement.

Games don't have the same freedom as movies do when it comes to moving the point of view, but that also means that each movement and position is more important. A badly framed shot in a film is just distracting or boring, but bad use of the camera in a game means you may not be able to progress at all.