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Destiny players: Never turn your back on a 'dead' Warlock

So, a bit of background before you enjoy this video.

"We received a message from the enemy saying 'we are on 8/9 wins for trials of osiris please let us win,'" the video's description states. "So this is what we did..."

The three-person Trials of Osiris team pretended to throw the match, and of course the other team didn't expect the Warlocks to self-revive and take them out with the quickness of a sudden middle finger. As trolls go this is pretty light, but it's still an amusing watch.

In other Warlock news, this is why you make sure you're clear before the tea-bag.

You never know when your target has a self-revive waiting for you, even if they look dead. Always be careful around Warlocks, my friends. Always.