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Star Wars: Twilight of the Republic images released

Disney Interactive today released screenshots and character model images for Star Wars: Twilight of the Republic, a game based on the trilogy of movies released between 1999 and 2005.

Designed to be played on Disney Infinity 3.0 and due for release later this year, Twilight of the Republic was developed by Ninja Theory along with Avalanche Software.

Based heavily on melee and lightsaber combat, the game takes place on Tatooine, Coruscant, Geonosis and Naboo. It is played with play-to-life models for the likes of Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul and Yoda.

Star Wars: Twilight of the Republic Play Set is included in the Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Starter Pack available this fall for $64.99, which also includes the Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Base, Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker character figures. It will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this fall.

Two more Star Wars sets will be available later this year including Star Wars: Rise Against the Empire and Star Wars: The Force Awakens as well as a set based on Pixar's upcoming film Inside Out, and a new Marvel set.

Announcement Trailer: Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition

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