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Have a spare $100k? Why not pick up a limited edition Star Wars Battle Pod?

Bandai Namco this week announced that the company will start selling special premium versions of its Star Wars Battle Pod arcade cabinets in Japan, according to a translation by Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft.

The collector's edition battle pod cabinets sells for 12 million yen, which is about $98,000.

The cabinets come in two versions: Rebel and Darth Vader. Both versions come with leather seats, special carpeting and include a bound owner's manual. The battle pods also have a mounted plaque that is numbered and includes the owner's name.  The owner's name is also included in the game's credits.

If you're not up for the nearly $100,000 pod, you can pick up the standard arcade game for a mere $37,000.

Check out our interview and hands-on of the pod right here.

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