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Have a spare $100k? Why not pick up a limited edition Star Wars Battle Pod?

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Bandai Namco this week announced that the company will start selling special premium versions of its Star Wars Battle Pod arcade cabinets in Japan, according to a translation by Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft.

The collector's edition battle pod cabinets sells for 12 million yen, which is about $98,000.

The cabinets come in two versions: Rebel and Darth Vader. Both versions come with leather seats, special carpeting and include a bound owner's manual. The battle pods also have a mounted plaque that is numbered and includes the owner's name.  The owner's name is also included in the game's credits.

If you're not up for the nearly $100,000 pod, you can pick up the standard arcade game for a mere $37,000.

Check out our interview and hands-on of the pod right here.