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See Star Citizen's future, thanks to a massive leak

A massive bundle of Star Citizen assets leaked recently, and enterprising players have assembled the unreleased, in-production resources and given a glimpse of the game's future.

According to Redditor lordx3n0saeon, the leak happened after a community manager at developer Cloud Imperium Games posted a screenshot that included a partial URL.

"Someone guessed the rest and was able to get on a torrent containing ~48GB of unreleased assets," the post says. "By the time CIG shut it down 2 people had already hit 100% and it went from there."

CryEngine-savvy players then began assembling the assets. You can see some new ship designs in the YouTube videos above and below. And you can see plenty more on YouTube user Teller's channel.

But as Redditor Chemicalzz notes, some of the leaked material could include story spoilers. Those may encompass Squadron 42, the upcoming single-player campaign that will bring dozens of missions to Star Citizen, which it still in development.

Since its crowdfunding campaign launched in October 2012, Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts and developer Cloud Imperium have raised a staggering $83 million for Star Citizen.

For more on Star Citizen, press play below to travel to a mysterious asteroid and take a tour of spaceships worth thousands of dollars.

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