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Supergirl pilot leaks, good news!

The pilot for the CBS television series Supergirl has leaked online, nearly six months before it was scheduled to air. There is both a standard-definition and high-definition version of the pilot, and according to reports there are none of the expected watermarks that would indicate the leak came from a copy intended for critics.

Pop culture writer Laura Dale has been watching the show and tweeting some of her thoughts.

An interesting detail, and a slight spoiler: The show exists a long time after the current slate of DC hero properties.

We've seen this before, the pilot for the Flash leaked back in 2014, and that show has gone on to become a huge hit for the CW. This could even be good things for the show and the network, as pop culture sites have begun to write positive things based on the leaked episode.

"If you were put off by the show’s six-minute preview from last week, I can assure you the show is significantly better than that. It still some of the same issues, but it’s far more charming than problematic," io9 reported.

There has been some speculation that this is all part of a marketing ploy to get positive buzz built around the show. "...Supergirl wouldn’t be the first time the question of intention came up concerning a Warner Bros. pilot leak," Forbes stated. "Back in 2008, the studio was thought to be the source of a leak surrounding the pilot of Fringe, a show that would go on to survive five seasons on Fox for a grand total of 100 episodes."

The episode is out, people are talking about it, and the buzz already seems much more positive overall than after the first trailer.

Supergirl premieres this November on CBS.

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