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'Game of Thrones-esque' digital board game Armello is heading to PS4 in September

Fantasy-driven digital boardgame Armello will launch on PlayStation 4 in September, League of Geeks founder and director Trent Kusters announced today via the PlayStation Blog.

"After our successful Kickstarter campaign and a solid stint on Early Access, Armello's community has helped us hone the game into the unique, polished and deeply thoughtful experience it is today," Kusters wrote. "However, we've also been secretly working away on a PlayStation version of Armello that uses every inch of the console, with brand new high end assets, redesigned UI and controls specifically designed to ensure feels right at home on PS4."

Armello "thrusts players into a Game of Thrones-esque struggle for power" in strategic, boardgame-stye gameplay. Players choose from one of eight animal heroes and complete quests, battle foes and gather their strength before making a play for the throne.

Armello is also expected to launch in full on Linux, Mac and Windows PC in September. For more on the game and the difficulties of developing it for multiple platforms, check out our interview with Kusters.

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