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Let Vin Diesel be your Dungeon Master in this relaxing, comforting game

Vin Diesel is, in all seriousness, a big Dungeons and Dragons fan and, at least based on his Facebook page, something of a gentle, caring soul. He tends to play tough guys in films, and game designer merritt kopas plays with that apparent dichotomy in (ASMR) Vin Diesel DMing a Game of D&D Just For You, a game where Vin Diesel plays a quick game of Dungeons and Dragons with you.

It's a goofy premise handled with a sense of playful seriousness and compassion. Vin Diesel cares about you, and your well-being, and he just wants to help you relax with a quick role-playing game. There's no big gotcha moment, as the "joke" of the experience is in how earnest and caring Diesel seems to be and how well he handles his dungeon mastering duties.

Half of me was amused at the game, and the other half was actually relaxed and comforted by the pictures of Diesel and his introduction to the game. Do yourself a favor: Make a cup of tea, take a few deep breaths, and let Vin Diesel take you away for a bit.

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