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Watch Kung Fury, since you need laser dinosaurs and 80s-style kung fu in your life

If you don't know anything about Kung Fury, my suggestion would be to just watch the 30 minute film. It's quite the ride.

The film debuted at Cannes after a successful Kickstarter, and it's already blowing up the internet. "[Director and star David] Sandberg doesn’t actually know kung fu, but that wasn’t a problem," Variety reported.

"Originally, the idea was to do all the fighting virtually, digitally replacing his legs in post-production. When that looked silly, he decided to hire a body double, who does all the fighting in the short’s centerpiece scene: a two-minute showdown against dozens of Nazi stormtroopers (technically, one guy, digitally repeated as many times as needed)."

It's as crazy as it sounds, keeping as many details from 80s action films as possible. You'll see tracking errors, questionable dubbing and some regrettable homophobia. The short film throws ideas at you almost faster than you can react, and the look and feel of the finished project maintains a sort of cohesive shrug through the whole thing. This is Kung Fury, it says. Take it or leave it.

Bonus fun: Watch with the subtitles.

kung fury subtitles

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