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Here's how amiibo work with Splatoon

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If you've read our review, you already know that Splatoon will be a no-brainer purchase for most Wii U owners when it launches tomorrow. But some fans may be wondering how the game works with Nintendo's amiibo line of figures. Watch the video above or read on for more information.

The first and most important thing to know is that Splatoon is only compatible with the Splatoon series amiibo. That series is made up of three new figures: a girl and boy inkling and a squid. You can see them below, via the official Splatoon website.

Splatoon amiibo

In the Splatoon hub world of Inkopolis, players can approach a giant amiibo package, at which point the game will prompt them to place an amiibo figure on the Wii U gamepad. Once the figure is placed and registered, the game will open up a list of special challenges associated with that amiibo figure.

We weren't able to test it with all three figures, but the inkling girl provides 15 challenges, each based off of one of the levels from Splatoon's single-player mode. In the case of the inkling girl, the challenges are based around completing those single-player levels using a slow-charging, long-range rifle rather than the fast machine gun-style weapon used normally.

Each challenge completed earns you coins, which are normally only earned through multiplayer matches. These can be used to buy new weapons and outfits. But more interestingly, completing a series of challenges unlocks some really incredible bonus outfits. Here are the full unlocks for the girl, boy and squid amiibo in that order, again via the official Splatoon website:

Splatoon amiibo girl reward

Splatoon amiibo boy reward

Splatoon amiibo squid reward

For more on Splatoon, check out our full overview video below.

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