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Google brings VR to the iPhone with its Cardboard app

iPhone users can join the portable virtual reality revolution, thanks to the Google Cardboard app, which was released today in the iOS App Store.

Google Cardboard is compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It ships with the following virtual reality playgrounds:

  • Explorer: explore exciting environments
  • Exhibit: view 3D objects from a museum collection
  • Urban Hike: take a hike through iconic cities around the world
  • Kaleidoscope: enjoy a fun stereoscopic take on the old classic

iPhone owners will need one more thing to get started, though: the Cardboard viewer. You have a choice of either constructing one yourself or buying one assembled. Information for both is available on Google's Cardboard site. Either way you do it, it'll cost around $20.

Google announced Cardboard, a project to construct inexpensive VR using items you can find around home, buy at a hardware store or order online, at its I/O developer conference last June. Since then, Google released a software development kit (SDK) for Android and Unity. Yesterday at I/O, Google announced a forthcoming iOS SDK.

Google isn't the only company to bring virtual reality to the devices in our pockets. Last year, Oculus VR and Samsung teamed up to launch Gear VR, a portable virtual reality headset. It was released last December for $199.99, and you can read our hands-on impressions.

Press play below to see Google's VR initiative in action. You can learn more about Google Cardboard in the link above the video.

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