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Batman: Arkham Knight is the latest release to give the finger to people who buy at launch

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Are you a Batman fan? Interested in picking up Arkham Knight at launch, or preordering the game?

Well, you have many options. Arkham Knight joins the dismal list of AAA games that have been chopped into pieces to make sure it's physically impossible to buy the entire game with all the content available at launch. We've talked about the season pass in the past as well.

Content has been spread across retailers, and of course you can pre-order to get another bonus on top of that, but there doesn't seem to be a way of getting everything without buying multiple copies.

Buying at launch means you pay the most amount of money for a game that might be buggy and the knowledge that you're getting an incomplete game in some way no matter how you buy. The most hardcore fans are the ones punished.

Let's take a look at the situation.

One long face palm

This is the list of stuff you get with Batman: Arkham Knight if you buy the $99.99 edition from GameStop.

Batman limited

Here's similar information for Amazon's "Serious Edition"

serious edition

This is the list put together by a Reddit user based on a rather obscene image of all the pre-order bonuses and add-ons.

All Locations/All Preorders

  • Harley Quinn Story Pack

    • Access to Harley Quinn story missions. Play as Harley Quinn in these missions.

GameStop Exclusive

  • Red Hood Story Pack

    • Access to Red Hood story missions. Play as Red Hood in these missions.

Best Buy Exclusive:

  • WayneTech Booster Pack

    • Explosive Gel Takedown: Set traps to knock out enemies remotely
    • Aerial Juggle: Strike an enemy in mid-air for massive damage.
    • Weapon Upgrade: Increase the devastating firepower of the Batmobile.
    • Batarangs While Gliding: Launch multiple batarangs while in mid-air.

Walmart Exclusive:

  • 4 exclusive challenge maps to play as Harlee Quinn.

  • Unique Batmobile that includes exclusive gameplay features.

Steam Exclusive

  • Gotham's Future Skin Pack

    • Dark Knight Returns costume.
    • Batman Beyond costume.

Limited Edition

  • Steel book

  • Artbook

  • Comic Book

  • Skin Pack

    • Three skins from DC Comics New 52 series.
  • Limited Edition Batman Statue

Batmobile Edition

  • Steel book

  • Artbook

  • Comic Book

  • Skin Pack

    • Three skins from DC Comics New 52 series.
  • Limited Edition Batmobile statue

PS4 Exclusive DLC

  • Scarecrow Nightmare DLC Pack
  • There is no reward here, no knowledge that you're getting something special as an enticement to buy early. You're buying on day one knowing that content you could be playing has been gated off in an attempt to make some retailer happy. There is, as far I can tell, no complete edition of a game anymore at launch, the question is more about what you're willing to give up instead of what you're willing to get.

    Once again, buying at launch is the absolute worst value in every way; there will likely be a complete edition where you're given all this content in one go for a price that's lower than $60 at some point in the future, and I'll buy then.

    There are plenty of other games to choose from that don't require me to sit down with a spreadsheet. Once the discounted, complete edition is out? They have my money.

    Batman Arkham Knight: Theatrical trailer

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