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Watch Lara Croft's spectacular endless runner in action

Lara Croft: Relic Run, the smartphone free-to-play endless runner starring the iconic artifact hunter, is much better than I expected.

The game plays with the swipe controls of the standard endless running to give this one a bit more flavor and a lot more teeth. You still swipe side to side to move, up to jump and down to slide. But now there are other options like wall running, parkouring, and there are even short third-person-shooter, on-the-rails moments.

The game also lets you capture video of your run and share it. Relic Run uses Everplay for the video capture, which means if you go to the site to watch the video you can also watch picture-in-picture commentary, if the player added it.

You can watch the pure gameplay video below and see it with my talking head right here.

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