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Tekken's newest roster member is an ass-kicking grandma

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The latest member of Tekken's roster is an all-new fighter — Kazumi Mishima, wife of Tekken patriarch Heihachi, seen in action above. You'll understand how this gets real complicated in a second.

Kazumi debuts in this video for the (so far) arcade-only Tekken 7 from the game's official Japanese-language channel. If Kazumi is Heihachi's wife, then she's also Kazuyo's mother (OK) and Jin Kazama's grandmother (uh, WUT). You can watch her throw down on hubby in the trailer above.

Kazumi summons a tiger when the shit goes down. Again, this is for Tekken 7, which as of now is an arcade-only release in Japan. No word if it'll ever come to North America or, if it does, to consoles, which would surely require a domestic-violence content descriptor from the ESRB.