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I Am Bread celebrates Star Wars in a surprise May 4 update

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In many nerd circles, May 4 has become known as "Star Wars Day," thanks to a goofy pun on the date — "May the fourth be with you." But of all the places we'd expect to celebrate the geek holiday, the bizarre bread-toasting simulator I Am Bread may be the last.

Yet here we are. Today, I Am Bread developer Bossa Studios released a surprise update to the game that implements a new mode titled "Starch Wars." In a complete change from the rest of the game, "Starch Wars" is all about spaceship combat, except with ships that look like different types of bread.

If you own I Am Bread, then "Starch Wars" is available as a free update now. You can watch us playing through the new mode in the video above, or watch our previous efforts with I Am Bread's regular gameplay right here.