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Machinima joins with DC Comics, Clive Barker, and Roberto Orci for multiple new web series

Susana Polo is an entertainment editor at Polygon, specializing in pop culture and genre fare, with a primary expertise in comic books. Previously, she founded The Mary Sue.

Today, Machinima Inc. unveiled a swathe of upcoming programming from the online video network, from animation, to reality TV, to fake reality TV, to new superheroes, to new super scary stories.

The company's fledgling partnership with DC Comics was on full display in many of the reveals. Justice League: Gods and Monsters — a web series about a very different Justice League — has already been greenlit for a second, expanded season, and creator Bruce Timm revealed the expanded League lineup. Joining the setting's Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman will be a decidedly alien Green Lantern, a decidedly patriotic Steel and a decidedly Pam Grier-inspired Mary Marvel.

Justice League Gods and Monsters

#4Hero is a modern play on DC's standby series Dial H for Hero, in which a mysterious phone booth grants random super powers to any who use it. #4Hero is a comedy series about a woman whose phone grants her super powers ... but what sort of powers depends entirely upon what happens to be trending on social networks at the time, and they're not always the most useful crimefighting abilities.

Machinima also revealed the reality series DC's Hero Project, which will be pretty exciting for any fans of obscure DC character Starman (and maybe even Stargirl). In Hero Project, eight aspiring filmmakers will compete to create a live-action short based "their own interpretations of characters from DC Comics' Starman comic book series." Judges will include DC's own Geoff Johns.

Also coming soon from Machinima? RoboCops, a spoof of Cops featuring, you guessed it, RoboCop; Clive Barker's Creepy Pasta, a series of live action shorts curated and adapted by horror master Clive Barker from the internet's vast and unending well of urban myths and ghost stories; and High School 51, the story of Alex Valencia, the only human kid attending Area 51's public high school.

High School 51 is created and produced by Roberto Orci, of Sleepy Hollow, Lost, Fringe, and Star Trek, and will feature the talents of Orlando Jones. So, once Sleepy Hollow fans are done mourning his departure from that show, they'll know where to find him.

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