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Report: Xbox One to get TV DVR feature this year

The Xbox One will be getting the ability to record live television for later viewing, according to tech blogger Paul Thurrott, who cites unnamed sources.

The report comes as Microsoft confirms that the Windows Media Center, used to play media from a computer to a television or large screen, won't be coming to Windows 10.

Among the features lost with the Media Center is the ability to record television to the computer, but Thurrott reports Microsoft already has a replacement in mind.

"Of course, many Media Center fans actually use the product to record and watch TV shows via Media Center PCs in the living room," according to the story. "Microsoft's solution for this need will apparently be the Xbox One, though the console currently only provides live TV watching, but not recording. My sources tell me that will change, and most probably this year, to include TV recording."

The Xbox One already has a DVR-like function for capturing live gameplay, adding the ability to record television seems like a no-brainer, especially given the built-in television tuner on the console.

We've reached out to Microsoft for comment and will update this story when they respond.

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