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This Destiny Lego diorama is magnificent

This is Old Russia as imagined by Lego builder and Destiny player Hunter Erickson.

Erickson writes on the Flickr stream for his creation that the Lego tableau isn't meant to be a perfect recreation of Old Russia, but rather a visual summary of everything that makes up the map. That means skeletons, derelict cars, decimated buildings and a destroyed highway bridge.


After retaking much of Old Russia guardians train amoungst the ruins in a 6 vs 6 crucible battle. 2 hunters, 2 warlocks and 2 titans on each team.

Titan Lord Erickson looks back at what this place and the rest of earth was before the darkness attacked:

"This place was a research station before this war, but now it's a mass grave. The bones are pretty much fertilizer now. Humans have always had the power. We dominated all life on earth and beyond. The day the darkness came the world was turned upside down. Our great cities that were symbols of our freedom and perseverance were under siege. Washington D.C, Paris, London, Berlin and so many others are gone.

"What was so significant about this goddamn place? It's in the middle of Central Asia and just a research station packed with rusted cars. The darkness wanted everything. This was a massacre

"I train these guardians here today so we can show the abominations occupying our worlds who is the true rulers of them. I promise to make the Fallen scream, the Vex rust, the Hive rot and the Cabal bleed!

"By the travelers light guiding me I will become Legend!"

I finally managed to finish this. So much of what you see here is Old Russia in a nut shell. Rusted cars, Destroyed buildings, A lot of skeletons and a destroyed highway bridge. Much of the inspiration for this came from concept art also. Links to them will be posted soon and figures too. I hope you all like it :)

Here's a look at some of the minifigs made to capture the look of Hunter, Warlock, Titan. There's plenty more to marvel at over on the stream.


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