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Report: Peach, Mario, Luigi and other themed Yoshi coming to Woolly World

Earlier today, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata promised that the exploding popularity of amiibo would be met with new uses for the toys.

Thanks to and a leaked shot from an Australian retailer, we might already be seeing some of that in action.

According to the back of the packaging for Yoshi's Woolly World, the game will support not just the Yoshi and Yoshi Yarn amiibo, but also other toys including Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach.

Specifically, the packaging says that the non-Yoshi amiibo will unlock "Yoshi designs based on the character." That's right, the game's going to have a Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi and "other" Yoshi, if the leak can be believed.

This sort of pollination can't help but stoke the already white-hot sales of Nintendo's little toys and remember, later this year we'll be seeing the NFC reader/writer which will enable amiibo support on the original 3DS systems.

I sure hope Nintendo can figure out their supply issues soon.

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