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Here's a good long look at the Marvel fighter canceled 8 years ago

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Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Nearly three minutes of footage has emerged of the canceled Marvel superheroes fighting game, giving the longest look yet at what EA Chicago was working on before the studio was closed back in 2007.

PtoPOnline, which has previously unearthed canceled games such as Battlefront 3 and this Justice League fighting game, got their hands on what appears to be a very pre-alpha working build of "Marvel," as it was called internally at EA Chicago. That studio built the critically acclaimed Fight Night Round 3 but couldn't follow that up with enough profitable hits, and it was shuttered.

In the Xbox 360 gameplay — which features a lot of jankiness because of its early state — Hulk and Captain America throw down underneath an elevated subway track. You can see a key sticking point, which is making sure the camera keeps the opponent in view for a third-person fighter in which the combatants can roam the landscape in any direction.

Josh Tsui, who was the director and editor for "Marvel," saw the video yesterday and pointed Twitter followers to this, the "X-Video" he built for the game (and uploaded about five years ago.) For more on the Marvel fighting game, and the fate of EA Chicago, see our in-depth feature on the studio from 2013.

Marvel Fighting Game X-Video from Robomodo on Vimeo.

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