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Stunning before-and-after shots of Mad Max and its computer-generated special effects

Mad Max is a spectacular movie, mostly because of its over-the-top depiction of vehicle-to-vehicle combat. That and the fact that most of those vehicles and explosions weren't the products of computer graphics, but rather real things of metal and fire.

FX Guide has a fantastic, in-depth write up of the special effects used in the movie, mostly to create not those incredible combat scenes, but the backdrops for them.

We've tossed a number of the pre-production and post-production images into our magic slider so you can slide back and forth to compare the shots. Make sure you head over to FX Guide to see the rest of the images, some videos and of course read the story.

In the first comparison, seen above, we get a look at one of the only major things created entirely of CGI for the film.

Here we see how CGI was used to turn a desert into a mountain pass.

Who needs a cast of thousands when you can just make your own masses?

Explosions? Yes! Lots of cars near the explosions and dude hanging out on a massive pole? No.

It turns out it was a lovely day afterall.

Verge Video: Breaking down the chaos of a Mad Max car chase

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