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Ouya selling to Razer, says report

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Last month, Ouya, the crowdsourced, Android-powered console, was reportedly up for sale so that the backers who pumped $15 million into it could get something back for their money. CNET reports now that Razer, the maker of PC gaming machines and peripherals, is the one looking to buy.

Citing unidentified sources, CNET said the purchase agreement is "not yet finalized" while both sides discuss how to bring Ouya's staff aboard Razer.

Polygon reached out to Ouya representatives to inquire about the report. A reply was not immediately given. This story will be updated when one is.

Ouya got going in 2012 with $8.5 million from 63,000 Kickstarter donors, creating one of the biggest successes for Kickstarter in its history. Ouya's campaign to build an open-sourced gaming console captured significant media attention and consumer imagination, but when the console launched in the summer of 2013, at $99 per unit, it landed with a resounding critical and commercial thud.

In terms of games, Ouya saw maybe one notable exclusive title — TowerFall, later ported to PlayStation 4, PC and PS Vita — but little else.

Before the console's 2013 launch Ouya raised another $15 million in venture capital. At the beginning of 2015, Ouya received another $10 million in venture capital from the Chinese firm Alibaba, one of two deals the company struck with Chinese interests.

Razer, based in Carlsbad, is well known for its line of gaming laptops and peripherals, designed for and marketed to hardcore PC gamers.

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